Qianjing introduces pure water equipment for endoscopy
Author:Xiao Xinwangdate:2020-09-02

The main purpose

It is mainly used for cleaning and sterilizing water of endoscope cleaning and sterilizing machine, special flowing water cleaning tank, sterilizing tank, cleaning water of whole pipeline irrigation device, pressure water gun and ultrasonic cleaner.

Product structure

The core process of QN series endoscope-specific pure water system is divided into two parts. The first part is the manufacturing part of aseptic water by reverse osmosis, and the second part is the storage and supply part of aseptic water.

Performance characteristics

1. It has complete functions of saving electricity and water;

1. Complete emergency plan, online maintenance can be realized;

2. The reverse osmosis main machine has the function of automatic pulse washing;

3. Automatic flushing and regenerative operation of the pretreatment system;

4. Waterless protection, high and low pressure protection and other functions;

5. According to the different points of use, water requirements can be unified, distribution of constant pressure water supply;

6. Water quality unqualified alarm, and shutdown reminder;Leakage shutdown protection;

7. With multi-function monitoring, water quality, flow, pressure and other online display and control;

8. PLC+ touch screen automatic control, can count the cumulative working time, with fault alarm spring;

9. Functions such as automatic reminder of consumables' service life;

10. Sterile water tank, sterile stainless water storage tank, ultraviolet sterilizer and odor sterilizer, sterile circulating water supply system.

It's the first one
It's the first one
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