Does the water purifier always have this flocculation coming out?

Recently, customers have reported that the pure water machine has floc (white foreign body, slippery), what is it?


We've all been there:

1, pure water in the bucket after a period of time, there is a slippery feeling on the barrel wall;

2, or some water pipe after a period of time, the inner wall of the pipe slippery;

3, the storage of water in plastic or stainless steel bucket, after a period of water inside a layer of slippery things.

Flocculent cause:

These floaters are actually the result of a collection of microbes.

Solution to flocculent:

1. The storage time of water should not be too long or the pure water equipment should not be used for a long time;

2, into the water to add odor or bleach and other disinfection kit (if there is a small amount of residual chlorine in the water pipe will not appear this problem);

3, add ultraviolet sterilization equipment, etc.


Choose ultraviolet ray or ozone, the method that adds medicament cannot add in disorder, must right amount or choose right model, the proposal consults professional personnel.Adding too much or too little will have side effects.

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